Monday, July 23, 2012

Patrick Grim - Philosophy of Mind

I just finished listening to Professor Patrick Grim'sPhilosophy of Mind: Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines, produced by The Teaching Company.  It gets high marks from me.

The lectures, themselves, were really seamlessly organized, spanning such a wide range of disciplines, philosophy, psychology, ethics, artificial intelligence, computer science, science and medicine (and more).

He begins with Descartes' dream that eventually science would "make clear the different realms of matter and mind," and Descartes' theory of Dualism.  From there, Grim explores the rationale, controversies, and extrapolations related to Dualism and the relationship between the brain and the mind, including the implications and connections to computers and artificial intelligence.

It's really an impressive, thoughtful overview, drawing on historical origins then moving into current thoughts and ideas, ultimately asking more questions than providing answers, and reflecting the richness of the field of contemporary philosophy of mind.

I think my brain exploded in the process of listening, but it may have only been a subjective impression.

Several years ago I listened to his other Teaching Company lecture series, Questions of Value, which I also thought was excellent.

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