Tuesday, September 11, 2012

an unexciting post

Yeah, this one's anticlimatic at best, a brief review of a lecture series I just finished listening to.  Apologies to The Great Courses and Professor Brooks Landon because, though this post isn't about Nigel, I really enjoyed Landon's "Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft", produced by The Great Courses / The Teaching Company.

Landon brings into question the popular notion that sentences should be as short as possible, instead suggesting that long sentences can be the vehicle for creating a more exact as well as nuanced expression of the writer's mind.  He goes into detail about what elements make long sentences bad - and give them a bad name, and then goes into even more detail about elements that can make long sentences work in a way that short sentences simply can't.

He reminded me that there is a true art and craft to writing well - though what that means can be subjective - and, hack writer that I am, even I can aspire to write better.

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